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Prime Minister
Prime Minister
Basically we will try to keep this simple. A few rules will do it:

1) Please keep it civil, but we don't mind a swear word here and there Razz (Hey we're all human, after all), however, make sure that you don't go overboard. Basically, just use common sense here.
2) You are all entitled to your opinion and feel free to divulge it. However, you better be ready for counter-arguments and criticism.
3) Make sure you post in the discussion board most related to what you want to discuss.
4) Follow the rules and procedures of the individual discussion boards.
5) The inner circle of the alliance reserves all rights to remove or edit any of your posts.
6) If you're going to criticize, do not go insane and flood the thread. Remember the Golden Rule.

Thank you, and post away!



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